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ImmunoBoost-C™ is ideal for:
  • Supporting your immune system as it battles the flu, colds and more
  • Delivering the cellular support that helps your body heal itself faster
  • Maintaining bone density and promoting collagen formation
  • Protecting and preserving your capillaries to ensure optimal blood flow

boost immunity, fight fatigue, prevent sickness

Give your body the vitamin C it needs to function at an optimal level and to combat the challenges of everyday life. ImmunoBoost-C™ contains a therapeutic level of vitamin C plus critical bioflavonoids to keep you healthy and to fight off disease.

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  • One teaspoon has 2,569 mg of vitamin C, which is the equivalent of 5 vitamin C capsules
  • Contains three unique bioflavonoids to help with absorption
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Comes in an orange flavor
about Prop 65 warning.
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  • Manufactured in the US

Give your body the vital building blocks it needs to fight the challenges you’re exposed to every day with ImmunoBoost-C™. It’s an easy and refreshing way to get a therapeutic amount of vitamin C and powerful bioflavonoids—antioxidants that help your body absorb and use vitamin C and fight disease.

You’ve heard about vitamin C’s immunity-boosting properties for years. Recent research has revealed that its benefits go far beyond what was first imagined. Your body uses Vitamin C for many critical biological functions, including bone maintenance and collagen formation, among others.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning it can’t be made in the body and must be obtained from food or through supplements. And the levels your body needs increase with age, stress, illness, and injury. If you’re depleting your body’s nutrient stores, you’re putting your health at risk. The solution is to supplement your diet to address your higher nutritional needs.

But not all forms of supplemental vitamin C are equal. In fact, some lower-quality forms of the vitamin are unusable or can cause stomach issues—not what you’re looking for in a health supplement!

ImmunoBoost-C™ is formulated as nature intended. In nature, vitamin C and bioflavonoids are found together because they work synergistically. The bioflavonoids in ImmunoBoost-C™ help your body properly absorb and use vitamin C and assist in preventing the vitamin from being destroyed by oxidation. Adding mineral ascorbates makes the vitamin easier on the system for no stomach upset. Additionally, our formulation includes no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Healthy capillaries, healthy body. ImmunoBoost-C™ includes the bioflavonoids quercetin, hesperidin and rutin, which are noted for their protective, antioxidative and immune-supportive properties. Research also indicates their ability to support heart health, as well as their role in helping create a positive microbial balance in the body. When paired with vitamin C, they work together to protect and preserve the structure of blood capillaries, supporting blood vessel health.

ImmunoBoost-C™ helps combat illness before it strikes. At an event, on the road, or under stress, you can’t perform at your peak if you’re sick or rundown. ImmunoBoost-C™ gives you the vitamin C your body needs to conquer each and every day.

Main Benefits at a Glance:

  • 2,569 mg dose of vitamin C—over 40x the RDA
  • Quercetin, hesperidin and rutin to aid absorption
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Third-party tested to ensure quality and efficacy
  • No added sugars
  • Refreshing fizzy citrus taste



  • What’s the difference between this and other vitamin C products on the market?
  • Some forms of vitamin C are less bioavailable or can cause stomach issues. We’ve specifically formulated ImmunoBoost-C™ to avoid these challenges.

    First, ImmunoBoost-C™’s formulation mimics the way vitamin C is found in nature—alongside the natural bioflavonoids quercetin, hesperidin and rutin—which may:

    Help your body to properly absorb and use vitamin C in your body’s natural immune processes.

    Prevent the vitamin’s nutrients being degraded by oxidation.

    Secondly, our formulation also includes mineral ascorbates, which makes ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C) easier on your system.

    Finally, many other powders on the market contain artificial ingredients which may interfere with your health goals. ImmunoBoost-C doesn’t contain any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

  • I’m getting ready to travel/have been burning the candle on both ends. I’d like to beef up my immunity. Can I take ImmunoBoost-C™ more than once a day?
  • Yes! Many people love the taste and convenience of ImmunoBoost-C™ and drink several servings per day. Watch how your body responds to an increase in usage. If you notice any discomfort, try reducing the number of servings per day.

  • How long will this product last?
  • Each jar of ImmunoBoost-C includes 36 servings. Taken on a daily basis as recommended, it will last one month. We recommend signing up for Subscribe & Save automatic shipping. Not only will you save money and get free shipping, you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favorite products!


How To Use

1 teaspoon


1 cup of water


Once a day

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