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Vital Energy™
Vital Energy™
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Vital Energy™
Vital Energy™ is ideal for:
  • 30 servings Bio Energy Greens™ for optimal nutrition
  • 36 servings of Immuno Boost-C™ to help combat illness before it strikes
  • 30 servings of NeuroBoost B12™ for mental function and clarity
  • 30 servings of Adrenal Power™ for stress support and adrenal function
Vital Energy™

boost energy, prevent illness, eliminate brain fog

Fatigue. Chronic illness. A body exhausted by stress. Mental fog. These don’t have to be your constant companions! Achieve peak performance with lasting vibrancy with Vital Energy™.

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  • BioEnergy Greens for ultimate alkalinity
  • ImmunoBoost-C for enhanced body protection
  • Adrenal Power for everyday stress relief
  • NeuroBoost-B12 for peak mental performance
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  • Non GMO
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  • No Artifical Sweetners
  • Dairy Free
  • Manufactured in the US

When you radiate health, you’re unstoppable.Obstacles fall away. Resources appear. Goals that felt like a stretch come easily. However, when you’re weighed down by fatigue, illness, stress and exhaustion, every challenge can feel like an immovable roadblock.

Lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, incomplete nutrition, environmental stressors—all of these create demands on our bodies. And when you constantly demand more from your body and you don’t fill your tank, you’ll run a deficit. Cells become weakened. Their vital processes become less efficient. You end up with a body depleted of energy and a life depleted of motivation, mental sharpness, and natural health.

Give your body what it needs to operate at its peak. Once you’re making deposits instead of constant withdrawals, your body will reward you—with increased energy, vitality, immune function, and brain health and overall well-being.

It all starts with Vital Energy™.We’ve pulled together four of our favorite vitality-building products in one convenient bundle. Vital Energy™ makes it easy to take care of your body by supplying it with an ideal combination of essential nutrients and vitamins. You’ll feel the difference!

Energy begins in your cells.

Bio Energy Greens™ provides four servings of fruits and vegetables in a single scoop. It’s just what your cells crave for creating lasting energy, enhancing mental clarity and building your body’s health at the most basic level. Rich in phytonutrients and packed with organic greens, fruits and vegetables, Bio Energy Greens™ is a simple solution for optimal nutrition.

Nothing saps your energy more than being under the weather.That’s why each serving of ImmunoBoost-C™ delivers a fizzy, orange burst of essential nutrients including 2,569 mg of vitamin C to boost your immune system and prevent sickness. ImmunoBoost-C™ helps combat illness before it strikes.

If you’re under stress, over 50, or a vegetarian, you may not be getting enough vitamin B12—and your brain and body know it! B12 deficiency can be so severe, the condition can be misdiagnosed as autism, depression or Alzheimer’s. Our NeuroBoost B12™ lozenges give your brain access to the essential vitamins it needs to perform at the highest level.

Are you experiencing body aches, fatigue, nervousness, sleep disturbances and digestive problems?The problem may be your adrenal glands, which regulate everything from cortisol to adrenaline. When your adrenals are overtaxed, your body can lose its ability to burn fat, regulate blood pressure and modulate your energy levels and mood. Adrenal Power™ contains adaptogenic and adrenal tonic herbs to help your body adapt to stress and support proper adrenal function.

Performing at your peak isn’t about life getting easier. It’s about you getting better and stronger. Try Vital Energy™ to build your foundation for lasting health!

Main Benefits:

  • Convenient 30-day bundle provides everything you need to boost energy and maintain health
  • 2,569 mg of vitamin C supports your immune system
  • Optimal doses of bioavailable vitamin B12 and folate help with nerve function, brain health, cognition, immunity, sleep, depression and more
  • Bioavailable phytonutrients deliver all-day energy to keep you going strong, physically and mentally
  • Herbs and nutrients assist with healthy stress relief and energy level and mood regulation
  • Third-party tested to ensure quality and efficacy



  • How long will this product last?
  • Taken as recommended, this bundle will last approximately one month. It includes:
    - 36 servings of ImmunoBoost-C™
    - 30 servings of Bio Energy Greens™
    - 30 servings of NeuroBoost B12™
    - 30 servings of Adrenal Power™
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  • I’m going to attend Unleash the Power Within, Date with Destiny or another Tony Robbins event. Should I bring my Vital Energy™ kit with me?
  • Absolutely! Tony and his team of health experts specifically designed the Vital Energy™ pack in order to help you maximize your live event experience. Even better, start shoring up your immunity and energy stores ahead of time so your body is already at peak energy and optimal health before you arrive. That way you can stay focused and healthy and keep your energy going so you won’t miss a thing!


How To Use

Bio Energy Greens™:

1 Tablespoon


1 cup of water


Once a day


1 Tablespoon


1 cup of water


Once a day

NeuroBoost B12™:

1 Lozenge


1 meal


Once a day

Adrenal Power™:

3 Capsules


Once a day

Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Robbins Research International, Inc. assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.

Why Buy From The Tony Robbins Store?

Your health is the foundation of your life. When your health suffers, so do your relationships, career, mental state and finances.

On the other hand, when you treat your body well, your life is full of abundance and vitality. In other words, the more energy you have, the more results you’re able to create — in all areas of your life.

To help his clients lay a foundation for peak health that drives maximum results, Tony created his own supplements line. His goal: to make it simpler for you to make the choices that create a vital life.

Formulated For Maximum Effectiveness And Bioavailability

We're focused on results. Our products are crafted from the highest quality ingredients available, combined into carefully considered formulations, which make our supplements more bioavailable. In plain English, that means they can more easily be digested and used by your body so you receive — and feel — the full benefits.

Developed Personally By Tony Robbins And His Closest Health Advisers

With this line of supplements, Tony is sharing the very formulations and regimens he uses to maintain his own peak vitality. Each product was personally selected by Tony and our team of health and wellness experts for its specific benefits to your health. Additionally, all of our products are manufactured with the same high standards Tony brings to every part of his life and business.

Manufactured With A Commitment To Quality

We require all of our ingredients to pass independent testing to ensure that they contain what our suppliers promise. Additionally, our supplements are tested 1) during the manufacturing process and 2) after completion to ensure they contain the correct dosage and promised potency. You can use and share these products with confidence, knowing that we’re committed to the highest quality ingredients and standards, unlike bigger brands who don’t always hold themselves accountable to these same principles.

[i] Kant AK. Consumption of energy — dense, nutrient — poor foods by adult Americans: nutritional and health implications. The third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988-1994. Am J Clin Nutr. 2000 Oct; 72(4): 929-36. PMID: 11010933 [PubMed — indexed for MEDLINE]

United States Orders & Shipping

  • If an international order is processed we cannot guarantee the shipment will arrive; all fees from customs, tariffs, or any other fees or loss incurred are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • When you sign up for Subscribe & Save on any of our supplement products, you will automatically qualify for Free Shipping as long as you remain on the Subscribe & Save program.
  • Shipping Rates are calculated on order totals after coupons/discounts and before taxes on qualifying items shipped within the United States.
  • *Please allow 7 — 10 business days for processing and shipping — unless otherwise stated for specific products.
  • Supplements deliver to addresses in 50 United States only*. We are unable to ship supplement products to international addresses.
  • Any unopened, untampered with currently marketable products may be returned within 30-days after purchase for a full refund. Any opened supplements are not eligible for a refund. If a refund is requested on or after the 31st day or if the product is opened when received, you will not be eligible for a refund. Again, we currently only ship supplements within the United States. We do not permit international refunds on the supplement line.
  • Report any adverse reactions to 1-800-454-1444.
*Please allow 14 business days for shipping during holidays or other busy times of the year.


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